What Can One Gain From B.Com With An Apprenticeship Course?


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) teaches students the different elements of Trade and Commerce. A student degree plus apprenticeship program offers tremendous scope to them. B.Com Apprenticeship program allows students to get knowledge of Commerce and gain practical experience in implementing them while working on a job. 

It is an undergraduate degree plus apprenticeship program. During this three-year course period, they learn what the modern techniques of Commerce are and several ways to implement them successfully. For the work performed, they are paid a fair salary. 

  • Benefits Gained From the Degree plus Apprenticeship B.Com Program

  • Vast Knowledge 

The course is a comprehensive study with a vast syllabus covering all the concepts of Commerce. The topics include Business Environment, Business Law, Ethics, Economics, Banking, Finance, Insurance Management, Information Technology, Marketing, and Human Resources.

  • Higher Studies Pursue

Apprentices can pursue higher study courses once they complete their B.Com. There are several higher study courses – Master of Commerce (M.Com), Master in Business Administration (MBA), Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and many others.

  • Combination Of Learn, Work, and Earn.

One of the benefits of Apprenticeship programs is gaining a vast knowledge base and practical experience. Universities get into partnerships with big companies where the former imparts knowledge to the students while the latter hires them to perform a job and pays a salary for the work. Thus, students can work, learn and earn.

  • Transform Professionally

On-field experience develops various attributes. They become critical thinkers and sharpen their analytical outlook in handling a problem in the practical world. Their managerial and business skills also improve when assigned a specific work or a project.  These skills developed during the course period help them enrich their professional careers. After finishing the course. They are enabled to bag a good salaried job.

  • Ocean Of Job Opportunities

  • Marketing Associates efficiently manage the company’s implementation process of marketing strategies. 
  • Trainee Analysts assist their senior analysts with data collection and analysis and designing the latest software models.
  • Sales Associates assist the customers and solve their queries and grievances during the purchasing process.
  • HR Associates perform a background check of potential candidates, call them for interviews and maintain records of the employee’s resumes.
  • Finance Associates perform money transactions and record and evaluate them with their team to find any unnecessary expenses.
  • Insurance Agents represent Insurance companies who sell their insurance policies on behalf of their company.
  • Telecommunication Service Providers call and receive inquiries from customers and promote the company’s brand
  • Data Analyst Researchers collect, analyze and store the data for future activities and decision-making.

Complete Your Student Degree+ Apprenticeship Program in B.Com from the Yenepoya University


Yenepoya University is offering a student degree plus apprenticeship program for the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) course. The course exposes its students to a vast knowledge base of Commerce while performing their work and earning a salary. It improvises their skillsets and makes them professionals in various fields.


The total fee amount charged by Yenepoya University is Rs.1,00,000/-  The duration of this course is of three years, which consists of six semesters, two semesters each year.


To apply for the above course, do visit the below-mentioned link –