Trends what goes around, always comes around

In this big World, nothing is lost!!

Every year has its own signature look and trends. Fashion Designers are working hard every day to create new designs and impress folks with their innovations.  The term trend is used to describe how something which gets changed over time. In the Fashion Industry trend means the craze over a certain style, silhouette, or colour.  Trends change often just like with time, our choice and preferences change. 

A particular fashion becomes a trend when that cloth or accessory is highly accepted by the public. Every person wants to get that piece of the trend. No one can assure for how long a trend will last but for one to two years a particular cloth remains highly available in the market. After some point in time eventually craze for that trendy outfit fades away. According to research, it is said that a fashion trend tends to re-emerge after some ten to twenty years. Fashion designers do a lot of research on past fashion vogues and often take inspiration from them. The main focus of any Fashion designing college is to make their students capable. So that they can in any given situation. 

There are thousands of fashion trends that are coming back to the limelight. Some fashion trends are as follows: 

  1. High-Rise Loose Jeans: Denim of this particular category is very comfortable in nature and became very popular during the 90s. The craze for this denim also faded away and got replaced by skin-fit Jeans. These easy-fitting, baggy Jeans again came into fashion, reviving the old days. 
  2. Puff Sleeves:  These oversized sleeves can enhance the look of any dress brilliantly. Puff-sleeved outfits always create a free-flowing chic look. Puffy sleeves give us the vibe of the 80s. The craze for these sleeves came back in the 2018 spring, and now it is no longer confined to high fashion haute couture houses, rather it is accepted by women of all age groups.  
  3. Round Glasses: The craze for Round or Circular glasses was at its peak in the 1960s and 70s. Eyeglass is considered an accessory that determines your look to a great extent. The round-frame fashion came back in the year 2020, with various new textures, and sizes. 
  4. Choker: Whenever we talk about neck pieces, chokers come to our mind first. During the 90s more or less everyone used to wear a velvet choker around their neck on every occasion. This trend came back in 2022 with far better designs. Fashion designers moved toward innovative ideas and incorporated bold metals, pearls, and unique embellishments in chokers.  


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