Apply for a permanent resident visa in Australia with Nexor Group

Australian migrants holding migrant or permanent resident visas are allowed to live and work in Australia indefinitely. Such migrants are considered permanent residents of Australia but not citizens of Australia. 

However, migrants holding permanent resident visas do have an option to apply for citizenship and become Australian citizens after meeting the residency requirement.

How can you migrate to Australia?

Normally, Australian permanent residency is granted to specific visa holders in Australia. There are several ways to immigrate to Australia under immigration programs, such as through:

  • Family stream is applicable If your family member, spouse, or de facto partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident 
  • Employment i.e. Work stream – if you are holding Skilled Nominated i.e. Employee Sponsored Visa, Independent (under Global Talent i.e. GTS program) or Regional (Provisional) Visa 
  • Business and investment stream – if you are a business owner, investor, or senior executive looking to relocate and a new or grow your existing company
  • Special eligibility streams like:
  • Refugee or Humanitarian status – subject to specific conditions, with the approval of the government  
  • Child stream

Among these streams; Family, Employment Work as well as Business streams are most common and most migrants are granted when they apply for permanent resident visa in Australia.

Benefits of applying for a permanent residency visa

The visa-holding migrant of any stream can apply for permanent resident visa in Australia which can offer various benefits as they will be allowed to:

  • Live wherever they wish
  •  Move freely around Australia 
  • Study at university 
  • Apply for higher education loans
  • Apply for the government job like public services but not the armed forces

In addition, when they get a permanent residency visa, they automatically become eligible for welfare benefits after two years and will also be allowed to travel to New Zealand- Australia’s friendly neighboring country

Applying for Permanent Resident Visa?

An individual desiring to apply for permanent resident visa in Australia can apply as a:

  • Migrant 
  • Part of a family unit 

or on humanitarian grounds

While you apply for a permanent Visa in Australia, you will be required to follow the following steps:

  • Select the visa type 
  • Check the requirements for each type of visa including character and the health requirements
  • Assemble the documents as per the guidelines of the Immigration Office 
  • Apply for the visa

At the time of applying the applicant has to meet several other requirements of a PR visa and provide: 

  • Valid Passport 
  • Permanent Visa Application Form 
  • Recent Identity Photographs
  • National ID
  • Proof of Base Fee payment 
  • Civil Documents &  Police Clearance
  • Financial Stability proof
  • Health Insurance
  • A written invite (wherever applicable)
  • Good conduct requirements
  • Sign the Values Declaration

PR visa granted in Australia is based on the point system you score that determines your eligibility. The Point system is based on:

  • Age 
  • Proficiency in English
  • Work experience 
  • Spouse or de facto partner  

In addition, you gain extra points for extra skills possessed by you. So, when you apply for a permanent resident visa in Australia, you must score more than 65 points. 

The process of applying for a PR visa can consume a lot of your time and energy. The Nexor Education and Migration Services have skilled staff to manage all requirements and help you apply for permanent resident visa in Australia promptly in a methodical and lawful manner. 


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