What is Networking and Different Types of Networking

One cannot imagine their everyday life without networking.  In simple words, networking means socialization where you connect with people through social networking sites and platform.  Many people would think why networking is important.  There are several reasons as to why networking is important.  One of the pivotal reasons for networking is that it helps in increasing knowledge social awareness and many more.  Just imagine that you stay isolated from the community and do not talk.  Without proper networking, you would become lonely and will lack knowledge and awareness about the social surrounding.  There are various social networking sites like Facebook, what sup, instagram etc. that you should connect too.

Students Networking –

But there are downsides of social networking sites.  It can happen that college student can face peer pressureProper networking is very important for everyone especially students.  For students networking is very important because through networking, students can learn many things and they can broaden their horizons on particular subjects.  Through proper networking, students can discuss about their school assignment and projects through various social media sites like Google, face book, what sup etc.  One of the things you must have noticed that the use of social networking site like face book, what sup, G-talk have increased after the pandemic.

Business Networking –

Networking has also been helpful to teachers to communicate with students easily.  Apart from that proper networking has been found to be helpful to people working in office or from remote location.  In addition, one of the biggest benefits of networking has been to businesspersons.  They have been doing business networking since the inception of their business.  Some of the examples of such business are small business organization etc.  I will tell you actually how networking helps the businessperson.  There are many ways in which businessperson benefit from proper networking of various kinds.

Business Networking Example –

For instance, you have a  cosmetic company in the name of ABC, so you create a business account in instagram and whatsapp. So, maximum number of people like customers can easily connect with your company.  You can through this form of networking, create brand awareness, product awareness of your ABC Company.  This is also one type of business networkingWas ist Networking– Another biggest benefit of business networking is reviews from the customers.  Reviews are opinion of the customers about your product and services.  So reviews help your company to grow and make necessary changes as per the need of customers.

Safe Networking –

Therefore, networking is very important for businessperson as well as common man.  In addition, it is important for people know how to network properly.  Proper networking is called safe networking.  In proper networking, there will be many negative sides that the network users are supposed to avoid.  For example:- peer pressure, influencing people on social networking sites like face book, what sup group, instagram etc. which can be harmful for the well-being of any individual.  For proper networking it is also important that you avoid conflicting political ideas and conversations and likewise.  Ignorance of certain things while networking in social media network sites is important.

Socialization –

Apart from that, the other types of networking that you can do are socialization with people.  This is another type of networking where you meet people socialize; spend time with people, and talk.  Here in this type of networking, there is exchange of ideas, exchange of knowledge and much more.  But there are also ethics of how to get involved in such social circus while networking.  For example, If you see a group of people conversing then you should not jump in to the group by creating a hindrance in the conversation.  You should first quietly approach with a smile and listen to their talks and then with a nod you should start conversation slowly.  This is called networking-socialization ethics.

Networking for Shy People –

Apart from that, it is also important for shy people to learn networking.  If they do not socialize much then they can use the social media network site to network with the people. Thanks to the social media network sites, that has helped such shy people to come out of their shells and converse with people or share some or the other ideas. Apart from that, while networking –socializing it is very important for people to remember some ethics like they should talk what comes on their mind. They should apologize for things, in between the conversation while networking. This shows lack of confidence and your weak side. So, like wise many things that one needs to know about networking. Apart from IT, networking is a broad concept and includes many things.

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