Turning Your Kid From Gamer to Coder

Until the early 1990s, playing meant going out in the sun and getting mud and soil all over your body. That is what kids used to do just a couple of decades back.

But with the advent of computers and the internet, playtime has earned a whole new meaning. If your kid is addicted to playing video games and PlayStation, then it certainly is not a sign of positive progress.

What if there is a way to harness this video game craze into something useful and effective? With the help of online platforms like coddy.ca, it is possible to channel your ward’s video gaming addiction into a skill useful in the future.

Firms like Coddy have made the first of its kind online coding programs for kids. Yes, you heard it right, for kids aged above 5. This is an honest initiative that channels the creative mind of young kids into the coding world.

Instead of just playing video games, your kid will be taught how to make them. Kids from the age of 5 and up will be introduced to the mind-blowing world of coding and programming, step by step.

How do experts do it?

With experienced and well-trained teachers based in Canada to teach your kids the grass-roots basics of coding, online tutors ensure that your kid is not left out in the fast-changing world of technology.

The kids have a one-month training period with sessions ranging from 55 minutes to over an hour. In case your child misses out on a class, a one-on-one session can be provided.

Here are a few benefits of choosing schools like Coddy:

  • Since all the classes are video recorded, it is easier to recollect and revise what was being taught.
  • Homework and assignments are also given.
  • Each training program is designed in such a way that at the end of a month’s coding session, your kids will generate a 2D game by themselves.
  • The program is so much result-oriented that your kid’s attitude towards learning itself will change.

Moreover, such classes are curated keeping in mind the audience. This results in a fun-filled and jovial teaching-learning process that is second to none.

To conclude, if your ward is not ready to learn anything new and spends too much time on video games, then the best thing to teach them is to make their own games. What better way to teach that than an experienced coding school for kids and teenagers?

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