4 Effective Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Content is used to fulfill multiple goals. It can be used for better rankings on search engines, lead generation, and raising revenue. According to a survey, 89 percent of respondents felt they got positive results from content marketing regardless of the objectives. Content marketing is effective but you need to be clear about what kind of content will resonate with your target audience.

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There are many ways to present good content. Here are some suggestions for effective content marketing for small firms.

Blogs Posts and Articles

Written content is the starting point for a content marketing strategy. You will drive traffic to your website by selecting relevant topics and optimizing content for search engines. However, this is only possible if you have well-written content that your users will find relevant.

The internet is a huge space. Just writing a blog and then posting it is not enough to make your content stand out. Try to write blogs that provide fresh information, helps your readers to solve a problem, or keeps your readers entertained. It will be great if your blogs can do all three.


You may have come across articles online that are loaded with complex information. You probably struggled to make sense of the content presented in such articles. A better way to present statistics is to make infographics. They make it easy to understand data. They are also easier to share than content only containing text.

You need not even have any design skills to make infographics. There are numerous templates available online to make customizable templates. You may also use the services of professional designers to make infographics. No matter what topic you choose, always make sure to mention references in infographics. Try to give them titles with relevant keywords so they can rank high on search engines.


Lists have always been a favorite among content categories. Content containing lists generates as many as 25,000 shares every month. So make articles containing lists that your target audience will find relevant. It will help you in communicating your desired message.

With the internet, you can present lists in various formats. These include slideshows, simple text lists, and animated GIFs. You can use one or more of these options to make your content more attractive to your readers. Try to write on solutions that your business can provide for the problems faced by your readers.

Interactive Content

A very effective way to keep your customers engaged is to encourage them to take action. Although adding a specific Call to Action (CTA) works, sometimes the nature of the content can be such that it compels readers to take action. Try to add interactive tools to your website. This will keep people hooked on your website and will help you generate better leads for your business.

A lot of small businesses have a contact form on their website for customers to fill in. Although these forms have their utility, they can’t keep users engaged for too long. In comparison, a financial services website having a tax calculator or a construction contractor offering a project estimate generator will keep users engaged. This will allow them to calculate the expenditure they will need to make so it will entice them to frequently visit those websites.

Summing Up

As a small enterprise owner, you will likely not have a lot of funds for marketing and promotion. You may even wonder if it is even worth spending so much on marketing. However, content marketing is a cost-effective way to meet your marketing and promotional objectives. Follow the tips mentioned here to excel at content marketing.

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