What makes nursing a wise career choice?

There is a growing need for nurses around the world, and this career is expected to become even more in demand in the coming years, but is this the only reason why becoming a nurse is a good idea? Are there significant opportunities and room to grow in this career field? Find answers to these critical questions in this article and other reasons why choosing nursing could be a brilliant move.

Three major reasons to pursue a nursing career

If you have an interest in health care, here are some of the primary reasons why you should pursue a career in nursing:

  1. Nurses make a massive difference in society

The core of nursing is improving patients’ health. The impact of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to this. These practitioners perform all sorts of tests, administer drugs and monitor vital signs to ensure that patients leave hospitals and care facilities healthy and well.

In the case of a catastrophic diagnosis, nurses are also trained to provide consolation and de-escalate the anxiety that naturally occurs in such situations. Sometimes, nurses are responsible for drawing up treatment plans for long-term illnesses.

Walking patients into good health is always a joy, and the journey often creates a strong bond between nurses and patients.

  1. Financial benefits and other perks

Nurses at different levels of the profession earn a hefty income that is significantly above the average salary of most occupations in the US. Here are some other benefits that nurses can access:

  • Health and life insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Wellness programs
  • Childcare
  • Extra-shift benefits
  • Paid vacation and family leave
  • Subsidized travel

Additionally, nursing students can take advantage of financial aid opportunities such as nursing scholarships and grant money from many organizations. This makes it easier for nursing students to acquire the necessary education and build upon it. Those looking forward to completing an ABSN or other degrees, can often access enriching payback programs and sometimes tuition remission programs to help with the expenses.

  1. Nurses develop in demand and transferable skills

The relevant nature of the nursing profession means that nurses are in demand. This also makes it easy for graduates to enter the labor market and for nurses to study while working. Training at nursing schools goes beyond the peripherals of medicine as students learn about critical thinking, communication nuggets and organizational expertise.

These skills are transferable and useful in other areas of the profession, such as nursing administration and public health nursing. A nurse’s ability to handle an emergency is also handy in the health facilities of correctional centers or in missionary clinics.


Nursing has always been a great career choice, but its importance has increased tremendously following the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not about to drop anytime soon either. You should maximize your nursing career by getting as much education and training as possible.


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