The benefits of nursery for children

A nursery is a place that provides care and education for children between the ages of six weeks to five years. Nursery education has become increasingly popular over the years, with many parents recognising the significant benefits that it can bring to their child’s development. As a parent, there are many decisions to make when it comes to the education they receive, with it being one of the most daunting decisions ever faced. If your child isn’t already attending a nursery and is beginning to show signs that they are ready to take the next step in their life to embark on their academic journey, you may want to look into what a nursery has to offer. The benefits that come with sending your child to nursery are immense and range from cognitive and social development to physical and emotional well-being. Whilst it is completely normal to feel uneasy parting with your child, especially if they are very little, it is important to understand that the adjustment can be a great experience for your little one. To understand a little better, below is a guide that discusses the benefits of a nursery for children, advised by this nursery in Harpenden.  

Pick up on social skills 

For many children, nursery is the first time that children will bond with children outside of their friend and family circle. Social interaction is vital for child development as it helps them learn and understand a number of topics. These could be but are not limited to learning to share, taking turns, listening when spoken to, paying attention, playing well amongst their peers and making great friends.  

The development of communication skills 

Through the development of social skills and interaction with peers, your child will also begin to develop their communication skills and increase their vocabulary. Learning how to communicate their feelings and opinions at this stage is vital for their development, with the correct interactions with peers and adults following. Through the simple act of playing at nursery, children are presented with the opportunity to gain a wider understanding of the way other people think and feel and implement their learning by conversing with those around them. 

Increase independence and confidence 

Nursery is usually the first time a child is away from their parent for short periods of time, which will naturally make the both of you feel quite uneasy. However, this is the perfect way to help your child develop some independence and freedom to explore this new feeling in a safe and nurturing environment. This alone is critical when it comes to their well-being. Therefore, this new sense of independence will allow little ones the chance to develop their own personality, thoughts, ideas and encourage them to explore their curiosity further than the family unit. The ability to complete a task alone whilst spending time with peers will help them develop their confidence and independence, which will be needed outside school and later on in life.

Learning new skills

With the wide range of activities that are offered by nurseries for young children, they are able to take advantage of the resources and opportunities available to keep them stimulated and engaged. With a large number of activities on offer, your child will be able to develop new interests and feel encouraged to try different activities. 

Time for yourself

Nursery benefits both parent and child. From the perspective of a parent, taking care of an energetic child day and night can get exhausting. Having a little bit of respite, even if it is only for a few hours in the week can make a big difference. As important as it is to give your child the best upbringing, it is just as important to take care of yourself along the way and dedicate time to catch up on your own life too.

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