Braving the Educational Gap In India: 3 BYJU’S Initiatives that Has Empowered Children Across the Country

In a third-world country like India, poverty and literacy are two major problems people are struggling with every single day. The literacy rate of India’s lower income groups is far less than that of the neighboring country China or technologically advanced countries like Japan. The situation needs a change. Among the darkness of literacy in India, BYJU’s ‘Education For All’ campaign shows a silver lining. Also, the online education systems and enabling the best teachers of India to provide their knowledge to children of India are setting a benchmark. This article explores how the campaign is changing the future of our nation.

Online Education

Online Education was not so famous in India until BYJU’S came into the market and introduced it to the nation. With BYJU’s classes, India’s education system has been set to a high standard. After that, many other institutes took similar initiatives. It is beneficial for the students who live in remote and underdeveloped areas of India. BYJU’S is helping children from these areas gain access to high quality learning content and excellent teachers which is propelling them to strive to fulfill their dreams.

Also, the classes contain superior graphic visualizations, making the topics easy to understand and remember for a long time.

Education For All

Providing a child with the proper education increases their ability to think critically and analyze everything while also expanding their imagination and ability to think critically. “Education For All” is an excellent initiative by BYJU’S that is changing the future of education in India. In this initiative, BYJU’S has collaborated with 110 NGOs across 26 states and worked closely with government schools to provide free premium learning content to children in 11 languages. Technology has become a vital part of learning, and BYJU’S uses it to help students living in remote areas overcome their limitations. The initiative focuses on providing equal education to children in India, regardless of their financial background.

  • Impact: BYJU’S has already transformed the learning journeys of 3.4 million through the initiative. Mission: BYJU’S aims to empower 10 million children across the country by 2025. The mission is to provide equal education, especially to the children who live in remote places and in poverty.

Best Teachers and Doubt Clearing

BYJU’S has employed the most outstanding teachers from across India who put their best effort into making the courses worth studying and provide value in the learning process. They not only focus on the syllabus but also make the whole topic easy to understand and enjoyable to all the students. The visualizations used in the videos are the best part; with such excellent teachers, the learning process becomes even more engaging. They help students monitor their progress from time to time, which helps in their personal improvement. The live classes enable instant doubt clearing, which gives the feeling of offline classes as well.

Due to these reasons, BYJU’S reviews by parents have gradually become more positive over the years, and it has successfully broken the myths about the online education system. In these ways, BYJU’S has changed the education quality of India and empowered millions of children towards quality learning opportunities.