Are Creative Writing Workshops and Courses Important for Children?

Children have very proliferative and creative minds in their childhood and you can see amazing results when they use it to their full potential. They can be creative while painting, while speaking, or even while writing. As parents, you must understand ways on how to improve your child’s creative writing abilities because clearly, there are immense benefits for the same. Here are some of the benefits listed below:

Emotional health benefits

Writing is a great form of therapy and kids must be introduced to it right from a very nascent age. It is a form of relaxation for the kids and this helps the kids escape from the stressful classroom environments. It will also be helping them to feel better for the rest of the day and become more relaxed. Hence it is highly recommended to indulge the kids in at least 30 minutes of writing daily,

Better reading skills

A major part of the creative writing activities involve reading. Also, there arises a need where the kid needs to rewrite the story they have just read. This helps them grow their passion for reading and also helps them develop their reading comprehension skills. If taken the right care, this single activity can be the head-start towards the development of several other skills.

Develop self-confidence

The kids have the liberty and freedom to express their thoughts and ideas through writing. This is one way where they will not be criticised by others. Through this practice, they will also develop the habit of implementing their own style and voice in writing. As a result, their self-confidence will be immensely boosted.

Better communication skills

When the child finally knows about how to craft a beautiful piece of text, rest assured that other aspects of his communication will also improve and develop. As creative writing involves a lot of planning and organisation in the mind of the child, he will be able to communicate better verbally too.

Perform better in other subjects

Composing English texts and writing creatively about it can help the child master the other subjects too. Studies revealed that when a child is excelling in creative writing, they will understand the concepts of science and maths better than the others. This is because their logical and analytical skills are already honed through writing and these skills are very necessary to understand science and maths.

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